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Rapidez y material en perfecto estado.Muy facil poner.Ahora espero de resultado,el fin es aislar una pared de madera en habitacion.Gracias

About us

Skum Acoustics entrepreneurship is a result of the synergy between acoustic engineering and e-commerce. Our task is based on the design, manufacture and sale of innovative products for the acoustic treatment of sound spaces.
  Skum Acoustics is more than just a product; it is a way of understanding acoustics. Above and beyond sound performance, we must be able to ensure that our customers not only have faith in our products or services, but that when they use them, they feel the passion with which we created them. 

Alejandro Jaén Acoustic engineer
Skum Acoustics was founded to transform the classic production lines used in the architecture of musical spaces into new design concepts, which are a blend of art and science, to improve the overall acoustic experience and promote creativity and quality in sound productions.
The creation of the Skum Acoustics products is based on the balance of four values:
Skum Acoustics
Our products are the result of a thorough analysis of the usual requirements in the treatment of acoustic spaces. As engineers, we have devised each product in order to solve a specific need.
We believe in innovation and evolution in our product lines, to obtain acoustic products that merge in with architecture and form an active part of the decoration. We aim to leave visually-aggressive, hostile environments behind.
In the industry there are dozens of types of polyurethane foam, but not all of them have the appropriate acoustic properties.
We use a special formula with optimised density and porosity to obtain maximum sound absorption performance.
The result: our foam is 4 times more porous than the standard foam in our industry.
Quality lies in the details and not just in the material. We participate in each phase of the production process, to improve quality and increase satisfaction with the final product.
Skum Acoustics designs, manufactures and sells its own range of products directly; this allows us to offer our customers:

- Individualised attention by technical experts in acoustics.
- A permanent stock of major products.
- A shipping service with record delivery times, which are always surprising.
- Exhaustive control and monitoring of customer satisfaction.

Skum Acoustics, S.L. – B65958407 Company registered in the Companies Registry of Barcelona, volume 43573, folio 1, page 432591