Payment methods

In Skum Acoustics we use the banking services of the financial institution Banc Sabadell to ensure maximum security in all payment processes.
We have two different payment methods, which will be offered during the purchase process; so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.


This is the fastest and easiest method; payment confirmation is given immediately (in real time).

What types of cards are supported?
The Virtual POS system only supports the following credit and debit cards: Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard and Maestro.

How does it work?
By choosing this method, you will be transferred to the Secure Payment Gateway (Virtual POS), provided by our bank, at the secured servers of Servired/Redsys, where you will be asked for the required information to process the payment with card, and receive an immediately response about the result of the operation.

What happens with my credit card details?
The card details are managed directly by the banks, through the Secure Payment Gateway in Servired/Redsys servers. The process is not carried out by Skum Acoustics and we do not have access to any card details. Once the process has been completed, the payment gateway only informs us of the result of the operation.

What security measure are used by the Virtual POS platform?
The Virtual POS platform operates under Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard protocols and 3-D Secure Technology (Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode). For this reason, to make the payment by credit card, you must have the 3-D Secure Verification activated in the card that you want to use.

How does payment with 3-D Secure system work?
Once you have entered the usual card details (card number, expiry date and security code), 3-D Secure system will request (in real time) the card issuing bank (your bank) for the cardholder authentication (you), in order to authorise the operation.
Each issuing bank has its own authentication system. The most common ones are: online banking code card, confirmation through the PIN code and a security code sent via SMS to the mobile phone of cardholder...

What happens if I don't have, or don't remember the 3-D Secure Verification code?
The issuing bank (your bank) can't prove that you are the cardholder, and will not authorise the operation; a denial code will be generated and the payment transaction will be cancelled.
The Virtual POS platform will reroute you to our website, where we will offer you the possibility of using another payment method so you can finish the order process.


This is the classic deferred payment method; if you decide on this payment method, after the order confirmation screen, we will provide you with our bank details: beneficiary, IBAN, BIC/Swift (you will receive a copy by email), so that you can order a bank transfer to our Banc Sabadell account.

The preparation and shipment of the order will commence once our bank has confirmed to us that the transfer has been completed. This confirmation usually takes 24 to 48 hours to become effective. For this reason we offer you the option of reducing the delay by sending the receipt of the bank transfer to us at:

We will cancel all orders for which no bank transfer has been made within a period of 10 days from confirmation of the order.

If you have any questions about payment methods or if a problem occurs during the process, please contact us by email or contact form.


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