Section with multiple items and accessories to complete the acoustic treatment of your sound studio: speaker isolation pads, mounting systems, adhesives...

  • Fötter

    26,00 € 23,65 €

    Isolation pads for speakers (elastic mounts) Set of 4 units to isolate 2 monitors. 5 tilt positions. Hear the difference in your speakers!



  • Skac Adhesive

    5,15 €

    Mounting adhesive for fixing acoustic products. 300ml cartridges for fixing up to 2 m2 of material. No unpleasant odours!


  • Fästa

    5,25 €

    Magnetic fixation system for quick and flexible installations. Magnetic type self-adhesive strips. Recommended for temporary and flexible mounting.


  • Ögla

    8,10 €

    Pad mounting system for fast, flexible installation. 'Hook' & 'Loop' type self-adhesive pads. Semi-permanent mounting.


  • Galgar

    0,65 €

    Hanging system for Basotect foam baffles. Practical self-drilling anchors for fast mounting. Sold in pairs: 1 pair for each baffle.