Ref: SKAC005

Magnetic fixation system for quick and flexible installations.

Magnetic type self-adhesive strips.

Recommended for temporary and flexible mounting.

VAT included

What is it?

FÄSTA is the faster mounting system and most removable of the temporary mounting type. It's designed for acoustic material installations that need a high flexibility on mounting and removal the acoustical products. The system consists of a set of magnetic self-adhesive strips, joined together for fixing the acoustic material to the supporting surface by magnetic force.

What is the application used for?

The mounting solution has been specified for flexibility in sound studios which need the possibility to disassemble, change and move the acoustic treatment, as quickly and easily as possible, without damaging the material or the support surface.

It is the recommended mounting system for the temporary fixation of sound absorbers and bass traps on common construction surfaces (gypsum, plasterboard, concrete, wood...) and it's specially recommended for installations with variable acoustics that require the possibility to change the position or the quantity of acoustic material according to the use or application.

  Not suitable for bonding on PVC, polyethylene (PE) or other plastics.

What is their format?

  • Magnetic self-adhesive strips of 100mm length x 30mm width.
  • Unit of sale: 1 pack with 8 strips (4 pairs).
  • Packaging: Variable.

Quantity Discount:

EURO / UT.Fästa
01 to 10 uts. 5.25 €
11 to 24 uts. 4.95 €
+ of 25 uts. 4.80 €
POUND / UT.Fästa
01 to 10 uts. 4.80 £
11 to 24 uts. 4.60 £
+ of 25 uts. 4.45 £

How much do I need?

The pack has been configured to use 2 pairs of strips (4) on each acoustic panel and 4 pairs (1 full pack) on each bass trap. So each pack is useful to:

  • Install 2 units of sound absorbers
  • Install 1 unit of bass trap


The following table is a quick guide to the Fästa units that are necessary for the installation of different product packs.

(8 uts.)
(12 uts.)
(8 uts.)
(8 uts.)
Fästa 4 kits 6 kits 4 kits 4 kits
(2 uts.)
Havsvåg BT
(4 uts.)
Havsvåg BT
(8 uts.)
(4 uts.)
Kino BT
(4 uts.)
Fästa 2 kits 4 kits 8 kits 4 kits 4 kits
ROOM KITSLitenJuniorFläktStorSeniorJätteBasskutt
Fästa 8 kits 10 kits 16 kits 20 kits 20 kits 30 kits 8 kits


Base: elastomer with magnetized strontium ferrite powder

Magnetization: anisotropic

Clamping force: 150 g/cm2

Density: 3,3 – 3,6 g/cm3

Hardness: 85 – 90 Shore A

Drying time: 24 - 48 hrs.

Application Temp.: +5 ºC to +35 ºC

Maximum load:

  • To tensile forces (panels on the ceiling) = 4,5Kg per pair of strips.
  • To shear forces (wall panels) = 2,4Kg per pair of strips.

Installation instructions

Previous recommendations:

  • The supporting surface should be clean (free of dust), dry and smooth (no roughness), without these conditions, the adhesive performance will be reduced.
  • Fästa strips must be fixed always in horizontal direction.


  • Use the Skac Adhesive unit integrated in Fästa pack to apply some glue on each strip, which will be fixed on the foam, to reinforce the adhesion between strips - foam.
  • Fix the Fästa strips on the foam, keeping a free margin of 10cm from the edges.
  • Firmly press the strip against the foam; maintain the pressure for about 10s, and repeat the operation once or twice in each strip, to ensure that the adhesive grips the foam.
  • Couple the Fästa magnetic system. The adhesive side of the supporting surface strip will be visible in this step.
  • Put the panel on the support surface, press the area where the strips are located firmly and maintain the pressure for at least 10s*.
  • Softly decouple the magnetic system and let the adhesive dries during 24h before permanently mounting
  • * Depending on the roughness of the surface, it is possible that the adhesive strip is not completely adhered to the base, if so, it is advisable to reinforce the adhesive applying a bead of Skac Adhesive, just as was done in the strips fixed on the foam.


Magnetic system is very simple, once the adhesive has completely dried, you can engage and disengage effortlessly the material.