SOUND DIFFUSERS are designed to improve the diffusion of sound in the room, providing a spatial and temporal dispersion of sound waves, contributing to a more homogeneous distribution of sound throughout the room and achieving a sound setting with greater spatiality and expansiveness, creating a more encompassing sound.

Sound diffusers help to break undesired reflections and reduce the effects of resonant modes without decreasing the reverberation time. Sound diffusers use surfaces with geometric irregularities and mathematical patterns to uniformly disperse the incident sound energy in multiple directions.

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kontur DF - Sound diffuser EPS


Price €110.00

One-dimensional QRD sound diffuser of 600 x 600 mm (130 mm thick).

Boxes of 4 units, manufactured in high-density EPS. Colour: white.

Optimal sound dispersion from 630 Hz to 8 kHz.


Havsvåg DF - Sound diffuser 1D

Havsvåg DF

Price €124.00

Sound diffuser panels of 60 x 60 cm (64 mm thick).

Boxes of 8 units, manufactured in high-density EPS. Colour: white.

Diffusion frequencies: 1.6 kHz to 5 kHz.