Acoustic panels for the acoustic treatment of spaces, enabling a reduction in noise and the ability to control the reverberation time and eliminate undesired echoes, therefore creating comfortable and precise sound environments. Our acoustic panels are manufactured with high-performance acoustic foam to achieve optimal acoustic performance. Our acoustic panels are available in different decorative finishes that ensure they integrate with the decoration and aesthetics of the space.

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JJM 080 - Acoustic panel

JJM 080

Price €121.00

An acoustic panel with a thickness of 80 mm in two basic sizes: 120x60 and 60x60.

With a wood structure and sound-absorbent core made from synthetic fibre and acoustic fabric.

Standard acoustic fabric range in 8 colours and 23 other optional colours.

JJM 130 - Acoustic panel - Bass trap

JJM 130

Price €155.00

BASS TRAP acoustic panel with a thickness of 130 mm, in 2 sizes: 120x60 and 60x60.

Wood structure and sound absorbent core made from PET synthetic fibre and acoustic fabric.

Standard acoustic fabric range with 8 colours plus 23 optional colours.

Streckkod - Wooden acoustic panel


Price €374.00

Wooden acoustic panel of 595 x 595 mm (69 mm thick).

Boxes of 6 units (2.12 m2), foam core and wooden panel. Available in nordic, cerise, white or black.

Optimal acoustic performance for control and mastering rooms.

Schäck WD - acoustic sound-absorbing panel with wooden finish

Schäck WD

Price €362.00

Wooden acoustic panel for home studios, panels of 60 x 60 cm (53 mm thick).

Boxes of 6 units to cover up to 2.16 m2. Colour marron or cherry.

Optimal acoustic performance from 315 Hz to 3.15K Hz.

Svart - Black acoustic panel


Price €16.65

Black acoustic panel with a thickness of 40 mm, in 2 sizes: 60x60cm and 120x60cm.

Fast, easy installation with Skac Adhesive; sold by units.

Ecological acoustic panel made from recycled PET fibres, in black.

Kino SOFT - Decorative acoustic panel


Price €44.50

Decorative acoustic panel with textile cover, panels of 60 x 60cm (thickness of 60mm).

Glued mounting with Skac Adhesive; sold in units!.

Reduce the reverberation and improves the intelligibility, with a touch of colour!