Ref: SKLC013-60

Black acoustic panel with a thickness of 40 mm, in 2 sizes: 60x60cm and 120x60cm.

Fast, easy installation with Skac Adhesive; sold by units.

Ecological acoustic panel made from recycled PET fibres, in black.

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What is it?

The SVART acoustic panel is an ecological, sustainable, sound absorbent acoustic panel that is smooth and supplied in square or rectangular formats of 600 x 600 mm / 1200 x 600 mm and with a thickness of 40 mm. It is designed to solve problems related to excessive reverberation, creating a comfortable acoustic environment in establishments such as restaurants, offices, classrooms, sports centres, dance academies, schools, etc.

It is made from recycled PET fibres, thus making a sustainable contribution to the reduction and recycling of plastics found in the environment.

This eco-friendly, non-toxic material, with high acoustic efficiency in sound absorption, can also be used in public establishments, due to its Class Bs2d0 fire rating and OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certification.

The SVART acoustic panels can easily and rapidly be installed with our Skac Adhesive.


PET acoustic absorbent panel with Class Bs2d0 fire rating (fireproof).
This product is suitable for installation in public establishments and complies with the fire rating requirements of the Technical Building Code.
Non-toxic, non-irritant, hypoallergenic material obtained from recycled PET bottles.

What is it used for?

The SVART panel is an acoustic conditioning panel that is easy to install and requires no work, developed to quickly and economically resolve problems related to high reverberation that usually exist in public areas such as restaurants, cafeterias, classrooms, school dining rooms, offices, conference rooms, etc

Its 120x60 format makes it particularly suitable for large spaces such as sports centre, pavilions, industrial buildings and churches.

What is their format?

  • Panels of: 600 x 600mm o 1200 x 600mm / 40mm of thickness.
  • Color: Black
  • Sold in units: area coverage = 0,36m2 /ut - 0,72 m2/ut.

Quantity Discount:

EURO / UT.60 x 60120 x 60
01 a 39 uts. 16,65 € 33,25 €
40 a 119 uts. 16,35 € 32,70 €
+ de 120 uts. 16,10 € 32,25 €

How is it installed?

With an easy to install format that requires no work; the SVART acoustic panel can be glued to walls and ceilings in a matter of seconds with our Skac Adhesive.

How much do I need?

For a simple and effective solution, we have prepared a mini-guide that will help you to determine easily the panels that you need for your particular case, based on the m2 of flooring surface, room height and the level of comfort to be obtained.

First, we have to choose from three levels of comfort:

Live Grade with fewer sound absorbers (less expensive), we get a more lively atmosphere, recommended for bars, cafes, canteens, sports halls, arcades, etc.
Medium Standard grade; a balanced ratio between the quantity and grade of sound absorption; defined to achieve an adequate level of sound comfort for holding conversations without raising the voice in: restaurants, classrooms, and offices.
Dark Higher degree of sound absorption, to achieve the lowest reverberation level; it is recommended for large offices, libraries, waiting rooms, etc.


Then, based on the comfort level selected above, we will set the % of room surface that must be covered with acoustic panels.

Height / GradeLiveMediumDark
up to 3m 35 % 50 % 65 %
up to 4m 45 % 60 % 75 %
up to 5m 60 % 70 % 80 %


Finally, with some simple math calculations, we determine the necessary units of SVART panels to be installed.

Area to be covered = m2 of room x % of coverage.

The necessary units of SVART panels will be the result of dividing the area to be covered by 0.36m2 / 0.72m2 (are occupied by one SVART panel 60x60 / 120x60).

Let's see an example:

Restaurant with a total flooring surface of 200m2, which has 120m2 for dinning zone; the total height is 3m in dinning zone.
For this kind of application, we want to get a 'medium' comfort grade; that it's coverage of 50% for spaces up to 3m of height.
Area to be covered will be = 120m2 x 50% = 60m2.
Necessary units of SVART panels = 60m2 / 0.36m2 = 168 units of 60x60 [60m2 / 0.72m2 = 84 uts. of 120x60].

The quantity calculations indicated above is a simplified selection guide. If you have any question or you want that our acousticians make you a customized proposal, please contact-us!.

Tell us what kind of place this is, size / height and we will make an appropriate proposal for the supply of acoustic panels.

Physical properties

Technical Drawing

Description: Black acoustic panel
Material: Recycled PET polyester fibers
Colour: Black
Density: 50 Kg/m3 (ISO 845)
Thermal Cond.: 0,037 W/mk (UNE-EN 12667)
Fire Rating:
  • B, s2, d0 (EN 13501-1)
  • M1 (UNE 23727)
Technical Drawing black acoustic panel SVART

Sound absorption

Absorption coefficients in octave bands (ISO 354):

125 Hz250 Hz500 Hz1 kHz2 kHz4 kHz
0.24 0.52 0.83 0.95 1.00 1.05

* absorption coefficients in third octave are available in the data sheet.

Global coefficients:

NRC 0.80 [ASTM C423]
SAA 0.83 [ASTM C423-09a]
α mid 0.93 [DB-HR]
α w 0.80(H)
Clase B [ISO 11654]


Data sheet [.PDF]