Skac Adhesive

Ref: SKAC003

Mounting adhesive for fixing acoustic products.

300ml cartridges for fixing up to 2 m2 of material.

No unpleasant odours!

VAT included

What is it?

SKAC ADHESIVE is water-based mounting adhesive, specifically selected for its neutrality. It has certain features that make it ideal for installing acoustic foam: it is an adhesive with no solvents, isocyanates or silicones, it is a non-toxic and non-flammable adhesive, it is odourless (it has no smell), does not attack the foam and is suitable for polyurethane and polystyrene.

One of the most interesting features of the Skac Adhesive is its ability to be 'unglued' without damaging the support surface or the acoustic foam. You only need to use a spatula to easily remove the panel. The adhesive residue, which normally remains on the acoustic panel, can be removed in one go by pulling off the dried adhesive. Then, the acoustical foam panel can be reused without suffering any damage.

What is the application used for?

PDue to its innocuous base, this adhesive is suitable for fixing all kinds of acoustic foams (polyurethane, polystyrene) to the most common building surfaces (concrete, brick, plaster, drywall, wood...) without nails or screws, thus achieving durable adhesion.

  Not suitable for fixing on polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) or Teflon.
  Not recommended for non-permeable, non-porous surfaces (water-repellent paints, enamels, plastics) or extremely rough surfaces (plaster mortar). In these cases, we recommend conducting a previous test.

What is their format?

  • Cartridge: 300ml
  • Normal packaging: Variable
  • Application: Standard applicator gun (silicone)

How much do I need?

Generally one cartridge of Skac Adhesive has an application of approx. 10ml (⌀5mm yarn). It is useful for fixing up to 2 m2 of acoustic material. However, this coverage depends on the application method used (cord/points) and the type of support surface.

A simple formula to calculate the necessary cartridges is as follows:

  • For smooth and regular support surfaces (drywall, wood...)
    N.Cartridges = m2 of material / 2
  • For rough and irregular support surfaces (brick, concrete...)
    N.Cartridges = m2 of material / 1.5

The following tables will help you to choose the number of Skac Adhesive cartridges for different product packs.

(4 uts.)
(10 uts.)
(4 uts.)
(8 uts.)
Jafra FR
(8 uts.)
Jafra FR
(12 uts.)
Skac Adhesive 2 cart. 5 cart. 2 cart. 4 cart. 2 cart. 2 cart.
(8 uts.)
(12 uts.)
(8 uts.)
(8 uts.)
(32 uts.)
(60 uts.)
Skac Adhesive 2 cart. 3 cart. 2 cart. 2 cart. 1 cart. 2 cart.
(2 uts.)
Havsvåg BT
(4 uts.)
Havsvåg BT
(8 uts.)
(4 uts.)
Kino BT
(4 uts.)
Skac Adhesive 1 cart. 1 cart. 2 cart. 1 cart. 1 cart.
ACOUSTIC KITSLitenJuniorFläktStorSeniorJätteBasskutt
Skac Adhesive 3 cart. 4 cart. 6 cart. 7 cart. 9 cart. 10 cart. 2 cart.

Physical properties

Base: Acrylic emulsion

Consistency: White thixotropic paste

Polymerization: Physical, by evaporation of water

Density: 1.2 g/cm3

1st skin formation: 10 min

Complete hardening: 24 - 48h.

Solid content: 64 % (UNE 53356)

Tensile strength: 7 N/mm2 (EN 205)

Application Temp.: +5 ºC a +35 ºC

Installation instructions

Tools: Manual applicator gun, scissors / cutter, protective gloves, cleaning cloth and paper tape (masking tape).


  • Clean the support surface with a slightly dampened cloth to remove dust and debris, which could cause poor adhesion.
    Make sure that the surface is dry and smooth before application.
  • Bevel cut the nozzle about 1.5cm from the tip, to obtain an adhesive cord with ⌀5mm. Cut the cartridge tip. Then screw the nozzle on the cartridge tip and insert it into the application gun.


  • Apply a continuous cord of adhesive around the acoustic panel, about 5cm (4 fingers) from the edges.
  • Apply more adhesive by forming an 'X' in the middle of the panel, to enhance fixation.
  • Put the acoustic panel on the support surface and press firmly for at least 30'.
  • Use a few strips of paper tape* to hold the panel in the correct position during the adhesive hardening process. In vertical mounting (walls) it is sufficient to hold it in place for 15-30min. In horizontal mounting, (ceilings) it is recommended to keep the tape on for 24h.
  • The maximum bonding strength is obtained once the adhesive has dried completely, between 24-48h.

* you can also use any other type of adhesive tape...

Installation Tips

The image on the right shows the recommended standard application method and the alternative method.

If the support surface is irregular or non-porous, you will need to apply a larger quantity of adhesive and / or a longer drying time. You can also try the alternative application method.

Skac Adhesive - standard method Skac Adhesive - alternative method

Image with detail showing the cut in the cartridge nozzle.

Once used, to conserve surplus adhesive, use the cut tip of the nozzle like a cap. As the nozzle is made of PE, the adhesive will not make the cap stick.

Skac Adhesive - Detail Nozzle

Note: These instructions have been developed specifically for the particular characteristics of Skac Adhesive; if you use another adhesive, please check the application details with the manufacturer.