Ref: SKAC002-12

Pad mounting system for fast, flexible installation.

'Hook' & 'Loop' type self-adhesive pads.

Semi-permanent mounting.

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VAT included

What is it?

ÖGLA is a quick, removable, temporary mounting solution, designed for flexible and dynamic acoustic installations. The system consists of a set of pairs of self-adhesive circular pads. Each pair has a pad that contain a small flexible bristles or 'hooks' and a pad that is covered with intertwining fibres called 'loops'. Their union forms a fast, removable and resistant fixing.

What is the application used for?

The mounting solution has been designed for flexibility in sound studios in which it is necessary to disassemble and move the acoustic treatment, as quickly and easily as possible, without damaging the material or the support surface.

It is useful for the temporary mounting of acoustic panels and bass traps on common construction surfaces (plaster, gypsum-board, concrete, wood...)

  Not suitable for bonding on PVC, polyethylene (PE) or other plastics.
  Not recommended for high roughness surfaces (such as mortar); in these cases it is advisable to conduct a previous test.

What is their format?

  • Pads: Self-adhesive circular discs of ⌀47mm.
  • Pairs: 1x Hook + 1x Loop.
  • Packaging: Packs of 12 - 24 - 32 - 48 - 56 - 72 complete pairs.

How much do I need?

The general recommendation is:

  • ( 4 ) pairs for each acoustic absorber (Havsvåg / Saha / Kino)
  • ( 6 ) pairs for each bass trap (Havsvåg BT / Kubus / Kino BT)
  • ( 8 ) pairs for each acoustic foam panel (Vågor / Jafra)

The following tables will help you to choose the recommended package of Ögla for different product packs.

(4 uts.)
(4 uts.)
Ögla pack 32 pack 32
(8 uts.)
(12 uts.)
(8 uts.)
(8 uts.)
Ögla pack 32 pack 48 pack 32 pack 32
(2 uts.)
Havsvåg BT
(4 uts.)
Havsvåg BT
(8 uts.)
(4 uts.)
Kino BT
(4 uts.)
Ögla pack 12 pack 24 pack 48 pack 24 pack 24
ACOUSTIC KITSLitenJuniorBasskutt
Ögla pack 56 pack 72 pack 48

Physical properties

Base: 100% acrylic fabric

Adhesive: Polymer - rubber resin

Hardening time: 24 hrs.

Tensile strength: 0,90 daN/cm2

Application Temp.: +5 ºC a +35 ºC

Installation instructions

Previous recommendations:

  • The supporting surface should be clean (free of dust), dry and smooth (no roughness), without these conditions, the adhesive performance will be reduced.
  • The 'hook' is fixed to the foam and the 'loop' is fixed to the support surface.
  • Once the pads have been fixed, DO NOT attempt to remove the 'hook' from the foam or the 'loop' from support, as the adhesive will lose its properties.


  • Position and fix the 'hooks' to the foam, 8cm from the panel edges.
  • Firmly press the 'hook' against the foam; maintain the pressure for about 10s, and repeat the operation once or twice in each pad, to ensure that the adhesive grips the foam.
  • Important: make sure that the hooks are properly fixed to the foam.
  • Couple the Õgla system, connecting each 'loop' with its corresponding 'hook'. The adhesive side of the 'loop' pad will be visible in this step.
  • Put the panel on the support surface, press the area where the pads are located firmly and maintain the pressure for at least 10s.
  • DO NOT attempt to disassemble the Ögla system. Let the adhesive act for 24 hours.


  • Important: the hook-foam union is weaker than the hook-loop union (Õgla system).
    Caution, the foam may be damaged if the process is not performed properly.
  • Hold the 'hook' against the foam, while lightly pulling the set (hook+foam) to disengage it from the 'loop'.