Ref: SKDP003-F04

Decorative acoustic panel with textile covering, measuring 25 x 25cm (60mm thick).

Auto-installable, mounting attached with Skac Adhesive; individual sale!

Reduces reverberation and improves intelligibility, all with a touch of colour!

Selected options:
VAT included


What is it?

KLINKER is a decorative, rectangular acoustic panel with high acoustic capabilities, designed to decorate both domestic and public spaces, where a high level of design and acoustic performance is required.

There are endless mounting possibilities due to the shape of the panel and the wide variety of colours available. This versatility allows you to make multiple compositions, from the simplest aligned elements to more complex shapes, giving you the option of original, creative solutions. The KLINKER acoustic panel is the perfect model for creating eye-catching, colourful designs.

Use single pieces or combine them with other panels from the Decorative Acoustics series.

Bivax Kex Klinker Korund Länk

We have designed the Decorative Acoustics series, to which the KLINKER decorative panel belongs, taking into account the possibility of combining the different models that form the series of decorative panels, so that you can achieve original, larger units that adapt to the user’s needs and the space itself.
Likewise, the acoustic panels from the Decorative Acoustics series (except the KEX model) are designed so that their sides all have a common measurement of 25cm, meaning that they can be combined creatively.

The panel is made from a high sound absorption acoustic foam core and finished with an exclusive surface of synthetic fibre (velvet appearance), available in a range of colours.

What is it for?

An acoustic panel designed for the acoustic conditioning of restaurants, hotels, offices and domestic spaces.

It allows you to reduce and control the room’s reverberation time, eliminate echo and create a comfortable sound environment for relaxed conversations, meetings or simply a pleasant working environment, without the need to raise your voice.
It is available in a wide range of colours to adapt to the space’s decorative design.

KLINKER is mainly designed to reduce the reverberation time in public spaces, increasing acoustic comfort and improving intelligibility.

What is their format?

  • Panels measuring: 250mm x 250mm x thickness 60mm
  • Colors: Black, Argento, Ardesia, Turquoise, Pumpkin and Bourdeaux
  • Sold in units: Area coverage = 0,06 m2.
  • Normal packaging: According to unit.

How is it installed?

The KLINKER decorative acoustic panel can be installed without any need for construction work; KLINKER is directly attached to the walls, quickly and easily, using our mounting adhesive, Skac Adhesive
You only need to apply the adhesive to the back of the panel, situate it on the surface you want to attach it to. Press for 10 seconds, and it’s done!

How much do I need?

To obtain an extremely easy solution, we have simplified the calculation process to the maximum: it’s enough to cover 20% of the total surface of the walls to eliminate internal problems with echoes, excess reverberation or bothersome noises.

Available colours:
decorative acoustica panel - Black decorative acoustica panel - Bourdeaux decorative acoustica panel - Argento decorative acoustica panel - Ardesia decorative acoustica panel - Pumpkin decorative acoustica panel - Turquoise
Black Bourdeaux Argento Ardesia Pumpkin Turqouise

In case of doubt, contact us! Our acoustic technicians will advise you.

Physical properties

Technical Drawing

Description: Decorative acoustic panel
Material: ZH FR28 acoustic foam
Composite: Flexible open-cell polyurethane
Finishing: Velvety textile finishing
Colours: Black, Argento, Ardesia, Turquoise, Pumpkin and Bourdeaux
Density: 28 Kg/m3 (ISO 845)
Porosity: 3.5 L/min (ISO 4638)
Resilence: 40 % (ISO 8307)
Fire Rating:
  • Self-extinguishing (UNE 53127)
  • E-d0 (UNE-EN 13501-1)
tecnical drawing Klinker panel

Sound absorption

Absorption coefficients in octave bands (ISO 354):

125 Hz250 Hz500 Hz1 kHz2 kHz4 kHz
0.15 0.41 0.72 0.87 0.93 1.01

* absorption coefficients in third octave are available in the data sheet.

Global coefficients:

NRC 0.75 [ASTM C423]
SAA 0.73 [ASTM C423-09a]
α mid 0.84 [DB-HR]
α w 0.70(H)
Class C [ISO 11654]


Data sheet [.PDF]