Ref: SKLC007-G

Basotect acoustic absorber, panels of 500 x 500mm (thickness of 50mm).

Self-installable, glued mounting with Skac Adhesive; sold in units!

Basotect® acoustic foam, color: white, light grey or RAL; Fire rating: Class 1, Bs1d0.

Selected options:
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What is it?

The MOCKA Basotect acoustic panel is a fireproof sound absorber with bevelled edge (45º) that obtains an aesthetic joint line between panels. It has been designed to solve the problems with echoes and high reverberation in public spaces (restaurants, classrooms, offices, libraries, etc.), as an effective, economical and nice design product.

It is made of Basotect® acoustic foam, which has a high sound absorption performance, better durability and the best fire-resistance: Class 1, Bs1d0.

® Registered trademark of BASF SE


This Basotect acoustic absorber has a Class 1 (BS 476/7) fire resistance (fireproof).
It is a panel suitable for be installed in public establishments.

What is the application used for?

MOCKA is the self-installable acoustic treatment solution, developed to solve echoes problems and high reverberation (noise) that usually exist in public places: bars, restaurants, classrooms, dining rooms, offices, meeting rooms, libraries... in general, for all venues which have excessive reverberation (echo), where, in addition to high sound absorption required to solve acoustic problems, need to accomplish the requirements of fire reaction for public places.

What is their format?

  • Panels measuring: 500mm x 500mm x thickness of 50mm.
  • Profile: Bevelled
  • Color: Light grey, White or Painted (RAL chart)
  • Sold in units: area coverage = 0.25 m2
  • Normal packaging: According to units (120g / ut.)

Color option: Painted

The acoustic panels are painted in the color chosen by the client according to the RAL color chart.

In the tab "Color : Painted" you will find detailed information on the characteristics of this option.

Quantity Discount:

EURO / UT.GreyWhitePainted
01 a 39 uts. 18,75 € 24,95 € 45,15 €
40 a 119 uts. 18,40 € 24,45 € 44,15 €
+ de 120 uts. 18,00 € 23,90 € 43,30 €

How is it installed?

It is self-installable, Mocka acoustic panel can be glued directly, using our Skac Adhesive, to the ceiling and walls*; It weights only 120g per panel, so does not require any specific training for the installation; It can be installed by our own.

* Walls: It is recommended that the panels not be accessible to the people, to prevent them from being damaged.

How much do I need?

For a simple and effective solution, we have prepared a mini-guide that will help you to determine easily the units needed for your particular case, based on the m2 of flooring surface and the level of comfort to be obtained.

First, we have to choose from three levels of comfort:

Live a grade with fewer sound absorbers (less expensive), we get a more lively atmosphere, recommended for bars, cafes, canteens, sports halls, arcades, etc.
Medium the standard grade; a balanced ratio between the quantity and grade of sound absorption; defined to achieve an adequate level of sound comfort for holding conversations without raising the voice in: restaurants, classrooms, and offices.
Dark a higher degree of sound absorption, to achieve the lowest reverberation level; it is recommended for large offices, libraries, waiting rooms, etc.


The following table shows you the % of area that must be covered with sound absorbers, depending on the height of the room and the grade of sound comfort.

25 % 40 % 55 %


Finally, with some simple math calculations, we determine the necessary units of Mocka panel to be installed.

Area to be covered = m2 of room x % of coverage.

The necessary units of Mocka panel will be the result of dividing the area to be covered by 0.25m2 (area occupied by one Mocka panel).

Let's see a practical example at every level:

  1. We have a bar of 70m2 ('Live' level = 25%)
    Area to be covered = 70m2 x 25% = 17,5m2.
    Units of Mocka = 17,5m2 / 0,25m2 = 70 units to be installed distributed along the ceiling.
  2. Restaurant of 120m2 ('Medium' level = 40%)
    Area to be covered = 120m2 x 40% = 48m2.
    Units of Mocka = 48m2 / 0,25m2 = 192 units to be installed distributed along the ceiling.
  3. Waiting room of 20m2 ('Dark' level = 55%)
    Area to be covered = 20m2 x 55% = 11m2.
    Units of Mocka = 11m2 / 0,25m2 = 44 units to be installed distributed along the ceiling.

General trick: as standard mode to determine the necessary units of Mocka, install two panels per each m2.

The quantity calculations indicated above is a simplified selection guide. If you have any question or you want that our acousticians make you a customized proposal, please contact-us!.

Tell us what kind of place this is, size / height and we will make an appropriate proposal for the supply of acoustic panels.

Physical properties

Technical Drawing

Description: Acoustic absorbing panel
Material: acoustical foam Basotect® G
Composite: Flexible open-cell melamine resin
Colour: White or Light grey
Density: 9 Kg/m3 (ISO 845)
Compression resist.: 5-10 kPa (ISO 3386-1)
Traction resist.: >90 kPa (ISO 1798)
Fire Rating:
  • B1 (DIN 4102-1)
  • M1 (NF P 92-507)
  • Clase 1 (BS 476/7)
Technical Drawing panel Mocka

® Registered trademark of BASF SE

Sound absorption

Absorption coefficients in octave bands (ISO 354):

125 Hz250 Hz500 Hz1 kHz2 kHz4 kHz
0.21 0.53 0.90 0.97 1.00 0.99

* absorption coefficients in third octave are available in the data sheet.

Global coefficients:

NRC 0.85 [ASTM C423]
SAA 0.85 [ASTM C423-09a]
α mid 0.97 [DB-HR]
α w 0.85
Class B [ISO 11654]
SKAC - Color spin The acoustic panels are painted with flame retardant paint, through an exclusive technique developed to not alter the acoustic performance of the panel, thus avoiding the usual loss of absorption capacity that occurs with traditional painting techniques.

Painting specifications - Skum Acoustics

  • · Flame retardant paint: Class A, s2-d0.
  • · Finish: satin.
  • · Maintains the acoustic performance.
  • · Available to choose color according to RAL chart.

How to order the painted panels?

  • 1. Make an order with the total of painted panels that you want (minimum order 24 pcs.).
  • 2. Send us an email indicating your order number and the RAL reference/s* that you want.
  • * It is possible to combine different colors in the same order (minimum 12 units per color).
Color Chart

Below, a small selection of painted panels according to the RAL color chart.

RAL1001 RAL1015 RAL1018 RAL2008
RAL1001 RAL1015 RAL1018 RAL2008
RAL3003 RAL3017 RAL3028 RAL4006
RAL3003 RAL3017 RAL3028 RAL4006
RAL5015 RAL5018 RAL5019 RAL5024
RAL5015 RAL5018 RAL5019 RAL5024
RAL6017 RAL6019 RAL6029 RAL6034
RAL6017 RAL6019 RAL6029 RAL6034
RAL7011 RAL7045 RAL8017 RAL9004
RAL7011 RAL7045 RAL8017 RAL9004

Attention: Please keep in mind that the displayed colours may vary from the real panels depending on the specific properties of your monitor.